Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Absolutely Positive -- Writing as Therapy

My dear friend author/illustrator/blogger Chris Janzen has written a wonderful piece on Writing as a form of therapy in her blog. I'd like to encourage you to hop over there, read the post, comment as desired, and become a follower. You'll be glad you did. Chris created ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE as a place to get away from the chaos that has become our lives. It is a place where you will find articles, opinions, and ideas for simplifying and enjoying life more.

In the post titled "Writing The Storm Out", Chris says "Writing can be a wonderful form of therapy. It is no secret that keeping a journal is a tried and true method for getting your thoughts and feelings on paper so you can sort them out. When you write things down in the middle of whatever cruddy thing you are going through, you can look back later, with a healthier perspective and gain a depth of understanding. Writing is a valuable tool." She discusses the use of social media and other outlets as well as journals as forms of therapeutic writing. It's a worthwhile read. Jump over....

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