Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rambling With A Purpose...The Making of a Great Day

Yesterday was one of those days that, even though I didn't accomplish many of the things needed to be done, it can be ranked as a really great day. It started by a prominent radio personality from Tulsa emailing me to tell me she'd just finished painting the bookshelf for her baby's room and my children's book, How Sadie Learned To SMILE, was the first one on it. Lindsey Bauer is the only woman out of a 4 man team that hosts the Wylde Wake Up Show on 106.9. She is an avid campaigner for Tulsa's ARF featuring their pets in need of forever homes on her blog and showcasing them on the radio. Her wit never ceases to amaze me as, day after weekday, she humorously wrangles the guys. I have to admit, I began listening to K-HITS to research a book that will be coming out in the future about a young starlet attempting to do the right things in a world where "right" is anything but black and white. The first time I tuned in I lasted all of 20 minutes! Today's music is a bit different from what I was used to. However, as time went on I found that I not only liked a lot of the music, but the hosts of 106.9 were awesome. It's no wonder they're number one! Someday I will suggest Lindsey write a book called "Happy Tails...Tulsa ARF Success Stories" by Lindsey Bauer, radio personality and ARF spokesperson, with Linda Boulanger (see how I got that in there!!!). I think it could be a great fundraising project for the organization. But for now, Lindsey's mind is undoubtedly more concentrated on the bedding she just purchased for her upcoming arrival! I love babies. Just glad they're someone else's nowadays :)

Then, I reconnected with an old friend after many, many years, took my younger two to McDonalds where they played for over 2 hours and I wrote to my little heart's content. Funny thing, a little boy came up to me and said "You're that author that came to our school. You brought the dog..." He was so excited. He was also right. I often take the "real" Sadie with me to readings and author visits. Although the book is fiction, I used Tracy Freeman's rescued pet as my inspiration. They're both sweethearts.

Checking my FaceBook I noticed I could get a free ebook of Lori Newman's Poetry Book Looking To Be Seen. Fellow author Lori Finilla wrote on her FaceBook: You need to read this unbelievable heart touching book. The first poem made me cry. I can't wait to read it! I also got hold of Jaimey Grant's Regency Romance Redemption. I don't usually read ebooks because I spend so much time on the computer editing/formatting for myself and others as well as writing and, of course, social networking but I'm pretty excited about these. I noticed Lori Finilla is changing the name of one of her books from "My Brain Injury" to "The Last Day I Was Me". I think that's a great change. A photograph of Lori and snippets of information I've read on her life have inspired the idea for another novel. I've been making notes while working on A Marriage of Necessity and yet another novel. My mind never stops working!

To end the day I received an email containing the parts of one of my handwritten novels that I'm having typed up into a "properly formatted electronic version"...that's exactly what it says under Transcription Services on my One Stop Publisher site. Yep, I'm using my own company. Isn't that good of me?!!! Anyway, I did a bit of spot reading and got all excited about the story all over again.

I almost forgot....almost :) Author Tim King has interviewed me for his blog. The interview will be posted rain, shine, or bus accident (sorry...inside joke between Tim and I) on Thursday, March 25th so mark your calendars and pop over to read it and comment. Tim made me feel good. I gave him permission to hatchet away at my responses, however, he said "I probably should have taken a hatchet to it, as you suggested...but I love the content..." Bookmark Tim's blog: Tim's book From The Ashes Of Courage is on my reading list. I love the idea of this story and can't wait to read it.

I went to bed contented and slept well. Okay, so I went to bed contented and ended up writing in my mind most of the night! This new story is demanding to be let out. What's a girl to do?!! I love living on the line....on the lines of my notebook or a story, that is. Happy weekend friends!


  1. Hee hee. Sorry about the "bus" thing. That's an expression from the world of software development. From Ward's Wiki: "Hit By Bus: The canonical hypothetical mechanism by which critical knowledge is lost from a team through unexpected personnel attrition." In other words, the interview is scheduled, and even if I'm not available to publish it, it will still be published. (Erm... Unless something else also goes wrong. But that would make it a really REALLY bad day. :-) )


  2. I love this post! What a wonderful day you had!!