Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What do you want to see?

I'm considering something here....I've been visiting other writers' blogs and one thing I've seen that has captured my interest is some of their writings. Actually, not just some of their writings. I've done that here a bit. What I'm talking about is them posting an actual book online, bit by bit, chapter or section by section. Is that something you think would be of interest? Would it give you an opportunity to sample my writing? Would you find that more interesting than simply bits and pieces of what's on my mind? I could, of course, still interject those bits and pieces.... Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi. Following your nice blog from Mom Bloggers Club.

  2. Hi Linda!

    I think you should go for it. :o)


  3. if it is what everyone does I suppose you should do it, but how can you make sure your internet writings stay yours??? Also, when an author puts part of a story in a magazine or where ever it drives me nuts waiting for the next part. Even in a regular book when the author has one chapter for one set of characters and then leaves them in a tight spot to go to a different set..well, I often skip chapters to find out what happens to the first characters! I just do not like waiting. But, as I said, if others are doing it and you can keep your words yours, you might as well do it!

  4. Hey Linda,
    I think you should, I am. I think It's a good idea.

    Hailey Joy Nicholson(:

  5. I believe you should do what you want to do; what is more enjoyable for yourself. I would rather read different subjects of interest than getting caught in a story that's maybe too long and having to keep tuned in to follow. I am a visual person and enjoy pics with little captions of events. When I want to read, I grab my book and find a comfy spot to eventually doze off to sleep.
    If everybody does the same thing, then it would eventually become boring.

  6. Oh! Good feedback from everyone!!! As you can tell, I haven't done the serial...more because I have been caught up formatting books for others than anything. If you have not visited kulemom's blog, you should. I love the way it is set up. Quite refreshing. I need to get better with putting pics in but...as of late just posting has been the best I can do :)

  7. I just realized you can't get to kulemom's blog just by clicking on the pic so....here is the address: http://www.onourbookshelf.com/