Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A new venture...

The latest writing venture...a new blog where we can talk about other authors as well as offer great give-aways: TreasureLine Books & Publishing. I've had to put my own writing on hold somewhat but seeing the dreams of other authors come true is making it all worthwhile. The blog begins with a giveaway: "Coffee & A Copy" where someone will win a signed copy of Jackie Bullen's "Memories Outloud" and a bag of specialty coffee just for sharing a memory! I hope you will join us there and be patient with me as all these new pursuits get underway. I am actually continuing to work on my own writing behind the scenes. Writers write because they have to!


  1. I'm really interested in keeping up with and learning from this blog! :) I'll send you a note back on MBC...

    I'm at www.openbookgirls.com

    Anne :)

  2. I love writing, but I crave reading. Isn't there a job around that involves READING books????