Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

It's Father's Day weekend and I am totally beside myself because we can't agree on what we should do! My husband, father of 4 children, two dogs, and two cats, works very hard to support his family and while I would love to give him the pamper treatment, he is not that kind of a guy. My 6 year old wants to take him to the water park but mom has hurt her back, 15 YO says "no way" because of a shaving incident, and another can't afford to get sunburned because she has a swim party next week... The back is minor, so don't worry...nothing a few days won't cure. Still...what to do. We could drive up to Independence, which we love, but the heat index is going to be 104 today. Yikes. the heat...all day??? We could drive up, take a quick stroll through the zoo, eat, ride the little train and carousel later in the day... 6 YO isn't satisfied. I could send them fishing...they've been practicing all week on casting. Both had to learn. But...he would not be spending time with all his children. 12 YO and 9 YO would not go fishing if their life depended upon it. What to do? What to do?!! I hate not being in control of this situation. What plans do you have???


  1. Linda, you ask a great question. I've been struggling with plans too. For you- I say let the kids do what they want for him, they're old enough to figure it out and after all it IS father's day, not husband day. But, my kids are 2 and 1. They can't exaclty do it on their own now can they? All of your ideas sound great... maybe I'll steal one!

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