Friday, June 11, 2010

Jaimey Grant's "Deception"

I know that I mentioned the book in the last post and am gushing over it all over FaceBook, but I just finished editing Jaimey Grant's "Deception" and I can't say enough about it! I've read numerous Jaimey Grant shorts and not too long ago purchased my first Jaimey Grant Regency Romance Novel. However, not having had the time to read it yet, "Deception" is the first of her novels I've read. Oh my...I don't know what to say besides I LOVE THIS BOOK! As a hopeless romantic, the story is right up my alley. But, beyond that, I was awed by the depth of her characters and her ability to draw me into their lives. I had heard this about Jaimey's work but was not prepared for how captivated I became...and so quickly. Even with life at full steam around me and my need for the ever-present editor's eye searching for all the "stuff" an editor must see, I found myself enthralled. You simply have to put this book on your MUST READ list. You won't be sorry...but you will become a fan of Jaimey Grant's work.


  1. It is definitely on my TBR list and it is all because of the cover. I have never read Jamie's work, but I have a feeling I will be hooked after reading Deception.

  2. You will be hooked. The awesome thing is...besides the fact that she's a very talented author...she ties in characters from one book to another. I noticed characters from perhaps 3 different books in this one. Heartless, I believe, is my next Jaimey Grant novel to read, although Betrayal is sitting on my shelf calling my name. I have Redemption as an ebook so I could go that direction...oh, the decisions we have to make!!!

  3. You know, Linda, after reading what you had to say about Mr King's e-book, I can say you won't like the look of Redemption. I had a bear of a time formatting that bad boy. Speaking of bad boys, I still love Derringer. Is that wrong?

    On another note, I have given you an award. Please pop by my blog to see which one.

    Luv ya!

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