Thursday, July 8, 2010

Phantom Authors Unite

At the prompting of Tracy Portis Holmes I just joined Phantom Authors Unite on FaceBook. Tracy found me after TreasureLine Publishing published Sharon E. Cathcart's "In The Eye of The Beholder~A Novel of the Phantom of the Opera" and I have a confession to make....I have my very own Phantom Novel. It's a completed manuscript, although only the first 45 pages or so are actually typed in (Sorry! I'm a pen and paper kind of gal). I will, eventually, have the rest typed up. I rather like it :) It's my take on what happened after Christine left...written in response to the anger I felt when he was left alone. If you want to read the first 30 pages... It's called "A Heart That Sings" and you can find a sample on my author website by clicking the title on the Short Stories and Writings page. If you do read it, please keep in mind that it is completely unedited...typed into the computer by my 15 year old exactly as it appeared on the lined pages of my notebook. There are things that will change, corrections that need to be made. Still, it's a rather lovely little love story!

My "normal" writing style produces much more modern romance. I have upcoming titles such as "A Marriage of Necessity", "The Selling of Ellie Carr", "The Escort", "Protect My Heart", "When Love Whispers", "Love With A Twist Of Lime"... I am a definite happy ever after person. This book will be no different as they experience many ups and downs...just like real life. I don't try to profess a knowledge of things I know nothing about. I simply write from my heart and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. OH my, I do all my stuff with pen and paper and only transfer them to computer after they are 'done'. Then, they get edited and finally finished. The only bad thing is sometimes I can't read my own writing!