Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got An Idea...

I've been thinking... Yes, those can be scary words. In this case, I've been thinking about a story I started some time ago. It's a rather intense story and a bit of a break away from my traditional fluff. It still has a happy ever after because that's what I like...and the ending has actually been written, as has a big chunk of the book. The problem is...I need a crime. It's a computer crime. It has to deal with 3 men looking for these embedded computer codes that will be linked together to form something of a password to be used to break into ............. That's the problem. I don't have a clue as to what they're breaking into or why. I know it has to be something governmental, the state of Nevada is involved, they've abducted a computer expert to help find the codes, her husband who works for the state of Nevada may just somehow be involved.

So maybe you have an idea? Maybe you'd like to throw in your two cents worth. Mind you, I don't need it written...that's my job! I'd simply like to know what you think might work. If your idea is chosen...you won't get any rights to the book or the story...but you might just find yourself with a mention. Perhaps there will be a character named after you and definitely a little something in the acknowledgements section.

Read a synopsis of the book (as yet unnamed. Want to help with that too?!!):

Ty had hung up his coat many years before, along with the medical bag that now sat unused in the closet. He’d had enough back then. Now he’d have to call on the knowledge he’d amassed in those earlier times of life to help his captive companion. He felt tied to her; an immediate, unexplainable bond. He’d been too late when they first brought her in but he could protect her now, help her. He knew that. What he really wondered was whether she could perhaps help heal his wounds and mend his heart in the process?

Kalynn could not believe the horrors of the day. From lost keys to running late to kidnapping to…she couldn’t bring herself to even think about it. She drifted into darkness.

Unbelievable. Stupidity reigned. Careless, forgetful behavior had cost her dearly. Was there more? Had she been used? Sold out by the one she loved? Hadn’t he said he loved her? You don’t do that to people you love. Again her mind refused the thought. It couldn’t be. The day simply couldn’t be real.

“Wake up.” She begged herself to break free from the nightmare. Only consciousness brought with it full remembrance and pain; torturous pain both physical and mental. “Oh God,” she whispered. “How can this be happening to me…” Things like this didn’t happen to everyday, ordinary, well-meaning people like Kalynn Montgomery.

Tied together by circumstances, their love for rich coffee and orange cream pies strengthened the bond as days faded into weeks and months; not to mention working together day in and day out, sharing one small room, shoulder to shoulder as they wound their way into the cyber world to unlock doors never meant to be opened. She wasn’t as highly trained, but Kalynn Montgomery saw things in the codes and numbers on the screens needed to help these master criminals. They needed her…and her heart needed him.

Endure the darkness as you stand with Kalynn. Hold her hand when she needs someone, and grow to understand how any woman could live through what she did and emerge to say “I had to go through hell to reach you…then found a piece of my own little heaven within your arms.”
Has she truly found love in the most unlikely of places? Her heart tells her she has. Logic tells her otherwise. Will fate make the decision? Join Kalynn Montgomery; walk beside her as the answers unfold.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Can I honestly say “I liked Draculas” and mean it?

DRACULAS~A Novel of Terror--As if the powerhouse list of authors (Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff Strand, F. Paul Wilson) and the title weren't enough--the disclaimer at the beginning will certainly grab your attention:

"If you’re easily disturbed, have a weak stomach, or are prone to nightmares, stop reading right now. There are no sexy teen heartthrobs herein."

Well, I am all those things, and I happen to like sexy heartthrobs…though not particularly teen heartthrobs. So, I put on my best brave girl face, swallowed hard, and hit the page down button anyway. Wow! What a ride!!! This book delivered all that it had promised. Yet, even with that, can I truly say I liked it? I mean, it’s phenomenal but “like” indicates to me a story I’d want to put myself in. I DO NOT want to be in this story in the least! The writing is fantastic, of course, and the story flows – it is, in my opinion, a truly unique take on the legend. You’ll come away with a different view. The characters are well developed and I felt as if I was part of the action – right there as it was happening. All good and leading me to dish out a 5 star rating…but “like”???

The book was written as a full-length, 80,000-word novel by 4 extremely gifted authors, and they put it together seamlessly--so much that the reader can’t tell which author did what. The premise is that an ancient skull, believed to belong to Dracula, was found in Transylvania and purchased by a wealthy, dying businessman in (of all places) Durango, CO. The rich man gets the skull which his “all that” beautiful assistant is skeptical about until he mysteriously sinks the razor sharp teeth of the skull into his neck.

Then things start happening.

I can’t tell you more because, well, author/friend Andrew E. Kaufman would frown on me and accuse me of giving away spoilers! He’s pretty good at creepy characters and they might come after me if I’m not careful.

I can tell you, however, that I would highly recommend Draculas~a novel of terror written by Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, Jeff Strand, and F.Paul Wilson. It is available for pre-order at Amazon.com until Tuesday, October 19. I’d go ahead and click the pre-order button if I was you…but don’t blame me if you can’t sleep, you see movement in the shadows, or your stomach remains a bit queasy. Take that up with the authors on the Draculas website. And, while you’re there…you can learn a bit more about the book. There’s also an interesting bonus that comes along with this ebook. You can find out about that on the Draculas site too. Go ahead…be brave…and make sure you come back and let me know if you can honestly say you “like” it! I mean, REALLY!!! Isn’t "like" usually associated with a positive emotion? Something...happy? This…this was sheer gore and horror created by the best with the sole purpose of writing the most frightening book they possibly could. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's Your Novel About? ~ Leave Me Your Logline

Ever hear about a logline? It's the one to two sentences a screenplay writer has to create interest in his/her script. It's what you read in TV Guide or online. Authors have that too. We have to be able to pitch our book in a way that raises questions that evoke curiosity and stir up potentiality...and do it with relatively few words. That's not always easy for people who love words! It is, however, a necessity if you're ever going to pique interest. The majority of people simply don't have time to listen to you regurgitate your book chapter by chapter. They want you to tell them and leave them be....but make sure the words you've used are catchy. Make sure you've said just enough to make them want to read the book.

According to "the experts", to do this you need to concentrate on the following: who is involved, what’s at stake, and what’s in the way. And, I might add in...tell me what's in it for me, the reader. Why should I choose your book over all those other gazillion books out there? Can you do that? Let's see. Leave me your logline...and don't forget to leave a link to your book! You never know. Other readers might just get hooked!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Interactive Book Release Party

There's an interesting party going on...it's a virtual party over at Bitten by Books for author Andrew E. Kaufman's While The Savage Sleeps. There are some great interview questions and an opportunity for you to answer a couple of questions presented by the author as well as ask him more. The interaction is great! While you're there, read up on how to win a $50 Amazon Electronic Gift Card at the event as well as checking out some of the other events going on. Bitten by Books seems to know how to put on quite a show!

My favorite question asked (okay, my actual favorite was the one about the dog food...where'd that come from?!!!) ~ BBB asked: How long do we have to wait for your next book, and what is it going to be about?

AK: Depends which one you mean–I have three going right now.

The stand-alone is as of yet untitled, and I hope to release it hopefully sometime next year. That one is a bit of a departure from the last. More a psychological thriller and not anywhere near as gory or violent. It’s more of a mind trip, and if I do things correctly, will throw the reader completely off-balance and force them to question their own perceptions. My intended effect is for them to say: “Holy crap! what the hell just happened to me?” (Or something like that).

The second part of the Savage Series will hopefully follow after that. That one is already in production and it will delve into Kyle’s very dark past and then jump into the present, where it begins to haunt her once again. Literally. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Can’t give too much away!

But honestly, I’m not in a hurry on either of those. It takes me a long time to write a novel because I refuse to release it until I feel it’s ready. The readers deserve that. Plus, While The Savage Sleeps just came out in June, so it’s still rather young, and I’d like to give it the chance to shine on its own because it’s rather special to me.

Jump over to Bitten by Books and join the party. It will be going on all day....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hidden Will of the Dragon -- A Recommendation

Hidden Will of the Dragon came across my desk as a job…it remained as a favorite. Author Charlie Courtland decisively weaves historical fact and fiction throughout, giving her readers an inside/behind the scenes look into the life of the infamous Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory. The story of Bathory, a descendant of Vlad Tepes…more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler and believed to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Romanian surname Drăculea meaning Dragon), is told in a most interesting way; by her life-long companion and confidant, Amara Borbala. Amara is fulfilling a promise to record the historical truth. The book moves between her writings and what would have been her actual life at the time of the writings. I enjoyed that effect; the slipping back and forth between the now and then.

Charlie Courtland creates an intense world without it being overwhelming. These women do some things that are not nice at all. Elizabeth is, in fact, tried for heinous crimes that it appears, according to the author and Amara’s recount, she did commit: torture, dark magic, the use of virgins’ blood to halt the aging process…there are many. And yet, there is a humanity to her and to all the characters (no one is without guilt). They are likable and I found myself wanting their lives to work out in better ways – as if what they had missed had played a part in who they became and I wanted them to have more, experience fulfillment.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely - without hesitation. It’s full, it’s rich, and it is well written. It’s also a sequel…though I know, from my experience, you don’t have to read the first one first to understand what is going on. You will, however, want to read the one that started it all once you do! That’s where I am now…with Dandelions In The Garden on the top of my reading pile. I am thankful to have had this world revealed to me within the pages written by such a talented author.

You may purchase the book at Amazon.com or on the author's blog or her Bitsy Bling's Reviews Blog (for a limited time - at a special price). Kindle is also available. For Amazon purchases, follow either of the links below or jump on over to either of her blogs (and while you're on the Bitsy Bling's Reviews Blog....make sure to check out the review on Andrew E. Kaufman's While The Savage Sleeps)



Saturday, October 2, 2010


A while back I posted a review on fellow author J. Timothy King's "From The Ashes Of Courage" ~ An Ardor Pointe Novel. Well, Tim has graciously agreed to provide a copy of the book to be given away to one lucky reader. The giveaway is posted over at my TreasureLine Books & Publishing Blog. Hope you'll take a minute to jump over there and enter. You can do as little as leave a comment to enter or there's a box with extra entry potential items that you can check off. "From The Ashes Of Courage" is a great book with a unique storyline that touched the heart of this hopeless romantic. You won't want to miss the chance to own your own copy. Just click on TreasureLine Books & Publishing Blog above and you'll be on your way...