Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got An Idea...

I've been thinking... Yes, those can be scary words. In this case, I've been thinking about a story I started some time ago. It's a rather intense story and a bit of a break away from my traditional fluff. It still has a happy ever after because that's what I like...and the ending has actually been written, as has a big chunk of the book. The problem is...I need a crime. It's a computer crime. It has to deal with 3 men looking for these embedded computer codes that will be linked together to form something of a password to be used to break into ............. That's the problem. I don't have a clue as to what they're breaking into or why. I know it has to be something governmental, the state of Nevada is involved, they've abducted a computer expert to help find the codes, her husband who works for the state of Nevada may just somehow be involved.

So maybe you have an idea? Maybe you'd like to throw in your two cents worth. Mind you, I don't need it written...that's my job! I'd simply like to know what you think might work. If your idea is chosen...you won't get any rights to the book or the story...but you might just find yourself with a mention. Perhaps there will be a character named after you and definitely a little something in the acknowledgements section.

Read a synopsis of the book (as yet unnamed. Want to help with that too?!!):

Ty had hung up his coat many years before, along with the medical bag that now sat unused in the closet. He’d had enough back then. Now he’d have to call on the knowledge he’d amassed in those earlier times of life to help his captive companion. He felt tied to her; an immediate, unexplainable bond. He’d been too late when they first brought her in but he could protect her now, help her. He knew that. What he really wondered was whether she could perhaps help heal his wounds and mend his heart in the process?

Kalynn could not believe the horrors of the day. From lost keys to running late to kidnapping to…she couldn’t bring herself to even think about it. She drifted into darkness.

Unbelievable. Stupidity reigned. Careless, forgetful behavior had cost her dearly. Was there more? Had she been used? Sold out by the one she loved? Hadn’t he said he loved her? You don’t do that to people you love. Again her mind refused the thought. It couldn’t be. The day simply couldn’t be real.

“Wake up.” She begged herself to break free from the nightmare. Only consciousness brought with it full remembrance and pain; torturous pain both physical and mental. “Oh God,” she whispered. “How can this be happening to me…” Things like this didn’t happen to everyday, ordinary, well-meaning people like Kalynn Montgomery.

Tied together by circumstances, their love for rich coffee and orange cream pies strengthened the bond as days faded into weeks and months; not to mention working together day in and day out, sharing one small room, shoulder to shoulder as they wound their way into the cyber world to unlock doors never meant to be opened. She wasn’t as highly trained, but Kalynn Montgomery saw things in the codes and numbers on the screens needed to help these master criminals. They needed her…and her heart needed him.

Endure the darkness as you stand with Kalynn. Hold her hand when she needs someone, and grow to understand how any woman could live through what she did and emerge to say “I had to go through hell to reach you…then found a piece of my own little heaven within your arms.”
Has she truly found love in the most unlikely of places? Her heart tells her she has. Logic tells her otherwise. Will fate make the decision? Join Kalynn Montgomery; walk beside her as the answers unfold.


  1. Ok..I don't know why, but this idea bounced into my head.

    What if this group of "criminals" were actually trying to do something good. What if they were cyber-breaking into Government Medicare Agencies to help people in nursing homes and in home health programs, qualify for the supplies and help they needed that they weren't able to get otherwise?

    Whatcha think? ( Big Shrugs)

  2. If you went with that, I know an expert who you can consult! She works for my husband (in the nursing home) helping qualify and collect from Medicare and Medicaid.

  3. The only problem is...one of the three guys is actually a good guy but the other two are very, very, very bad. I'm thinking they may be trying to break into something like the Social Security system or ??? I'm quite certain it has to do with a lot of money. They are also not the top people and the government is using Kalynn to see if they can find out who is at the top so they can go after them more than to stop the crime (make sense?!!).

  4. maybe a casino security system, you know casinos have their own credit cards now. It would involve a lot of money.

  5. Is a branch of terrorism too far fetched or cliched? They are breaking into the codes of the security timing each of the hotels/casinos to blow the place sky high and get the cash at the same time. If the Twin Towers represented the capitalism that is hated then sin city seems a perfect place to make a statement about the state of the union's moral digress. Throw in a bit of Cirque de Soleil madness in between the internet code cracking and it all seems very modern Miss Marple. Good luck. It may be tiredness talking right now...pinch of salt ;)