Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's Your Novel About? ~ Leave Me Your Logline

Ever hear about a logline? It's the one to two sentences a screenplay writer has to create interest in his/her script. It's what you read in TV Guide or online. Authors have that too. We have to be able to pitch our book in a way that raises questions that evoke curiosity and stir up potentiality...and do it with relatively few words. That's not always easy for people who love words! It is, however, a necessity if you're ever going to pique interest. The majority of people simply don't have time to listen to you regurgitate your book chapter by chapter. They want you to tell them and leave them be....but make sure the words you've used are catchy. Make sure you've said just enough to make them want to read the book.

According to "the experts", to do this you need to concentrate on the following: who is involved, what’s at stake, and what’s in the way. And, I might add in...tell me what's in it for me, the reader. Why should I choose your book over all those other gazillion books out there? Can you do that? Let's see. Leave me your logline...and don't forget to leave a link to your book! You never know. Other readers might just get hooked!!!


  1. Tragedy has struck the small town of Knollwood and Dovie Grant finds herself dealing with the loss of her husband and daughter in the already trying times of The Great Depression. She knows her father needs help on their struggling farm, Quail Crossings, but isn’t thrilled that he’s hired an 18 year old boy who’s caring for his three younger siblings. Surviving her grief, as well as the constant dust storms that plague the plains, Dovie must see beyond her pain and find “Love at Quail Crossings”.

    I've always called this my blurb, so I'm not sure if it's the same as a logline. Would love to give you a link to my book, but it's still going through revisions. You can read some of my short stories at

  2. Lancelot and Quenevier had love child called Blake Beldevier who was held in time ripple by Lady of The Lake. Twentieth century college girl- Mina, falls in love at first sight with him and now the Damsel has to rescue her knight from Egyptian underworld which he is cursed to visit after he has killed his disguised brother in a tournament. All head off to recover the Holy Grail for the Knight's Templar in order to stop Mina being burnt at stake for vampirism. (It's a trilogy!)

  3. teachers suggest you use this same idea in writing a paper for a class. good thing to keep using!

  4. OK, here's mine for my Regency romance, Deception:

    A lady with a dangerous secret deceives the man she loves, desperate for protection from her encroaching past.

  5. An out-of-state reporter has been murdered in a disreputable bar and the investigative trail keeps leading back to the family of a wealthy doctor who has retired in his hometown.
    Sample at

  6. A 25 year class reunion brings the Class of '85 back to Summerville, New York. Tyler Jackson discovers he's got a few surprises waiting for him.

    Getting It Right - Class of '85 Series Publisher The Wild Rose Press

    Buy link:

  7. WHAT A GIRL WANTS is a “genre-defying” contemporary, spicy romance with a 'friends-to-lovers' theme, with the addition of comedy, unexpected twists and a splash of suspense and mystery.

    Readers can view the video trailer at:

    WHAT A GIRL WANTS is published with Samhain Publishing and is available for purchase at:

    My Bookstore and More:

    Kindle Version on Amazon:

    Thank you for this opportunity to introduce my book to your readers.

  8. What a brilliant idea. Thank you.

    Here's my log line and link for Three Hearts

    Sparks fly between Darcy and Travis when they find themselves on opposite sides in an international custody battle for eight-year old Brooke.

    Should she be with the father who is a stranger, or the aunt who is the only mother she's ever known?

  9. Crucifying Angel kicks off the Future Imperfect series in 2032 Las Vegas where Detective Payce Halligan and her new partner Gavin McAllister play a cat and mouse game with a serial killer who may be involved with a quasi-religious cult. Miraculous Deception picks up where Crucifying Angel leaves off with Payce disappearing from Las Vegas General Hospital's ICU and Gavin partnering with a rival to find her in time.
    Both novels can be found at; and

  10. Reposting w/correct links-thanks:
    Crucifying Angel kicks off the Future Imperfect series in 2032 Las Vegas where Detective Payce Halligan and her new partner Gavin McAllister play a cat and mouse game with a serial killer who may be involved with a quasi-religious cult. Miraculous Deception picks up where Crucifying Angel leaves off with Payce disappearing from Las Vegas General Hospital's ICU and Gavin partnering with a rival to find her in time.


  11. Economics shouldn’t play a part in love. For Marie Packard, fast food worker and single mom, it does. Will her choice be financial security with debonair, action film star, Ellis Donifan or emotional happiness with Ben Sutter, appealing limousine driver?

  12. The Dream House Visions and Nightmares
    Murder mystery wrapped in a ghost story, in which apparitions and vivid dreams reveal clues of murder and age-old revenge. Hope Graham returns home and dicovers the truth can be more frightening than nightmares.

  13. Professor Katrin Nissen is recalled to service in the OSS in the early days of WWII and finds herself Winston Churchill’s last hope to stop the Nazis before they reach Norway.

    Katrin enlists the help of family to complete her mission and must survive an encounter with a high-ranking SS Colonel, as well as a double agent who's out for nobody but himself.

    Link to book and trailer at

  14. Cat's Curse, Celtic historical romance/fantasy
    A Celtic prince, an ancient vampire and two curses...

  15. If you like Eagron and LOTR, then you'll fall in love with ALLON, a magical adventure of destiny and faith.

  16. MOONGLADE is a griping blend of mystery and romance.Heroine, Clare' lessons learning to crew on a sailboat come to a macombre end when she discovers a dead body tangled on the boat's marker. Marine Patrolman, Remi investigates and neither Clare , Remi or the reader can rest until the mystery is solved. If you liked Book One, FINDING FIONA of the Maine Shore Chronicles you will love MOONGLADE. It's available on Amazon and B&

  17. Sunstruck
    by Mayra Calvani
    Parody/satire/chick lit

    "Dark and quirky humor coupled with quixotic characters adds to the surprising mix found in Sunstruck... I've never read a book remotely like it. Everything from the humorously weird to the actue macabre can be found between these covers, and then some." -Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

  18. When elderly priest of Micah, "Aunt" Libby, goes on a Final Wandering, she's accosted and then befriended by an amphibious mugger. The area known as The Eel is infested with worse than minor criminals--it's under the thumbs of a coalition of greedy, brutal priests. Aunt Libby is a frail barrier to stand between peace and violence, and the worst violence may not come from her enemies...but from her friends.

    Click here to read an excerpt.

    Click here to buy from OmniLit.

    Click here to buy from Amazon's Kindle store.

    Click here to download "Line of Descent" a stand-alone story set in the world of EEL'S REVERENCE, with Chapter 1 included.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share!

    Marian Allen

  19. When Laura Margolin, TV jewelry sales diva, crosses paths with super spy Hayward Lazarus, she has no idea that before their saga is done her career will be toast, he will have died heroically-and they will live happily ever after. Trade paperback A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND available at:

    Thanks for this marvelous opportunity to share my book with your readers.
    Pat Dale

  20. Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles
    (2007) Young Adult - Fantasy - "Harry Potter meets Dragon Riders of Pern"

    Sample Chapters -

    Willing Sacrifice
    (2008) Young Adult - Fantasy - "To save the world she must DIE! Or must she?"

    Sample Chapters -

    In the Service of Samurai
    (2002) Adult/YA - Japanese Fantasy Adventure -
    "The Last Samurai meets Pirates of the Caribbean"

    Sample Chapters -

    Vassal of El
    (2004) Adult/YA - Fantasy Mystery -
    "Winged men, murder, a past that comes back to haunt him"

    Sample Chapter -

    All purchase options and links for Amazon, B&N, Fictionwise and more can be found at:

  21. The Fairy Tale Bride
    Miranda Fenster believes in fairy tale endings for everyone but herself, until she tries to convince the Duke of Kerstone to help her twin brother marry for love. With her faith in happy ever after at stake, Miranda must prove to the duke that even he deserves a fairy tale bride.

    Originally published by Kensington Zebra in October, 2000

    newly e-released at Smashwords and Kindle in 2010

    The Fairy Tale Bride at

    The Fairy Tale Bride at

  22. Perfect Score by Susan Roebuck. Available from Awe-Struck Publishing: Released 21st September 2010

    Two flawed individuals from opposite ends of the economic spectrum have to try to beat almost overwhelming odds to obtain their aims. Will they ever achieve the happiness they both crave?

  23. In Sacrifices In The Name of Love (ebook), AA teen Trey Martin and WF Tessa Phillips will learn that in life there are consequences to suffer for careless actions and what it truly means to make painful sacrifices under the guise of love. Available thur author's Website: and Red Rose Publishing website: as well as

  24. October 16, 2010

    Thanks, Linda, for this great opportunity to share with your readers.

    Louisiana Hot Sauce

    Jack’s a mechanic. Can he repair Mesha’s broken heart?

    Find out. Read Louisiana Hot Sauce.

    Buy Link:



    Mickie Sherwood
    Louisiana Hot Sauce
    A sweet, zesty read with just the right spice.
    Louisiana Lady

  25. Prince Harris must find an invisible enemy, reunite his country and learn about his world all at once. Will he find time for love? Will he find justice? Find out.

    Recently available from -

    Also available from - - Awesome reviews

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  27. Doc--Delilah Oliver Clementyne’s—orders are simple: do the impossible and do it yesterday. A genius/bad ass, she does the impossible on a regular basis. But this time the impossible is complicated by an imminent war between the Earth expedition to the Garradian Galaxy and the Gadi, an encounter with some wife-hunting aliens, and not one but two bands of time travelers.

    The only way it could get worse? If the heart she didn’t know she had starts beating for the wrong guy…


    (link to print edition on this page, too)

  28. I loved reading the other posts above mine. Got distracted.

    On 12/21/12, the alarms began to wail in every city across the country and the devastation that followed left not one life untouched. It had been predicted centuries before but we couldn't stop it, only try to help each other survive it.

    Life After War

  29. The Twin's Daughter: a suspense novel about a teenage girl in Victorian England who discovers her gorgeous society mother has an identical twin who was raised in the poorhouse.

    The Education of Bet: a 16-year-old girl in Victorian England decides to impersonate a boy in order to get an equal education.

    The Sisters 8: a series of books for kids ages 6-10 about octuplets whose parents disappear leaving the girls to run the household while solving the mystery.

    All books can be bought or ordered through any booktore or online and more info is at

  30. Redeeming Stanley
    Meet Weldon Frame, self-diagnosed shrewd businessman, babe magnet, and mail room clerk extraordinaire. Meet Annie, Weldon’s ex-girlfriend, mother of his unexpected child, and recently-identified gold-digging stone-cold bitch. Meet Stan and Babe, Prince of Demons and Whore of Babylon. Meet Angela, born-again Christian with a jones for Stan. Meet Grandma, a ghost who liked the family dog a little too well. Meet the Freak…well, maybe not. Meet the Coppess, a gum-snapping state trooper who has Weldon’s sterling piece of American automotive engineering towed, leaving him afoot and furious in the middle of the Southern California desert night.

    Clearly, Payback is in order. The rest is inevitable.

    Good on Paper

    Once upon a time, a king named David got the hots for a steamy little number named Bathsheba. Lucky for David, Mr. Bathsheba was busy being one of David’s best generals, so Bathsheba was home all by her lonesome. See where this is heading?

    Of course you do. So does Sarah Conrad, reluctant Bible scholar and unwilling paramour of Pastor Jimmy Jay Rayburn, televangelist extraordinaire. It’s a destination she knows all too well. But the destination is only the beginning. Sarah didn’t wind up sleeping with an aging self-described “man of God” by accident. Elaine’s minister husband isn’t divorcing her on a whim. Mute Elizabeth doesn’t vanish in a room full of blood just because, at long last, she has begun talking.

    Or does she?

    Join Sarah, her sisters Elaine and Elizabeth, and her sister-in-law Jennifer as they unravel how Dan and Gwen Conrad, clean-living, salt-of-the-earth farmers with guaranteed tickets to heaven, have managed to raise such disappointing children—and why someone is angry enough to push Dan Conrad into his own hay chopper and leave him to die.

    Good on Paper is a terrifying, hilarious, infuriating, sad, poetic journey one family makes to self-knowledge, as well as a thought-provoking exploration of what it means to be “good,” and not just “good on paper.”

    Picture books for adults and children:

    Building Something Better
    Meet Harriet; she's from a farm in Oregon. Meet Betsy; she's fraom a factory in Detroit. Watch as Betsy breaks down, and Harriet struggles to make her not "like new," but "something better." Adult version has the "story behind the story."

    For Adults:

    Secret History: A Painted Journal
    A series of paintings and captions documenting the author's path from abused child to happy, creative mother.

    For Kids:
    Patrick Saves the Troll
    A children's fantasy about a troll who lives under a city street, and a boy who helps him restore his home to filthiness.

    Books by Sherry Wachter
    The Velveteen Building: Freewater School
    When a mother and son lose their home, a shabby old school helps them find a new place.

    The Very Good Dog
    Meet Sir Winston, a "very good dog" who is brave--and sometimes too brave, who likes strawberries and old ladies, and hates UPS men and the meter reader, who enjoys hanging around with his family, and brings dirty underwear out to show to guests. It's a book about character, what makes it, and making your own character work for you.

    (Written by Beth and Ethan Dennis, produced by Sherry Wachter)
    A kitten's comic misadventures in finding a new home.

  31. Sometimes children can be little demons ... literally. A Connecticut Nightmare.

    A scary new thriller by J. M. Barlog for Halloween.

    On Kindle, in the iBookstore or on the Nook.

  32. #1 Readers' Choice for supernatural suspense. Windows to the Soul. College is a time of unbridled discovery, but some things were never meant to be disturbed....

    On the Kindle or pb @ Amazon, iBookstore, Nook.

  33. Hi everyone!

    First thanks Linda for giving me the opportunity to post here.

    My latest book is A Soldier's Vow(by Jackie M. Smith), a WWI romance about two strangers finding love amidst war.
    Here is where you can find my book.

    My next book Forever Yours is coming out soon with XOXO Publishing.

    For updates, please feel free to join me on my Facebook page!/pages/Montreal-QC/Jackie-M-Smith-Romance-author/234050636079


  34. “The Ride” is a funny but poignant mis-adventure of a desperate housewife taken for the ride of her life—in more ways than one.

    There are some really interesting sounding books listed here. Thanks for this wonderful toot-your-own-horn opportunity.


  35. “A former operative turned werewolf hunter returns to the site of his lover’s death to solve the most unlikely case of all, a werewolf attack on the Moon itself.” I did a post on loglines myself back on July 3.

    Marc Vun Kannon

  36. Korber Ap Grumbly must find who is stealing the secret of the blood or else the gods will be unbalanced the world thrown into darkness.

    D.Fay, author of "Blood Loyalty" or buy on kindle at

  37. Next Time I'm Gonna Dance

    When Emmie Steele faces a second diagnosis of breast cancer and undergoes another mastectomy, she considers her regrets. The one thing she could regret was her marriage and the husband who walked away while she was at her lowest. But, oddly enough, she discovers the regret that she never learned to dance. Emmie determines that, if she's given a third chance in life, she will learn to dance with both her feet and her heart.

    Available from Champagne Books

    Linda Rettstatt

  38. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for doing this for us.

    Read how a rugged frontier man is finally tamed by a beautiful English rose?.

    2010 winner historical romance novel at Reader's Favourite.

  39. In “Carpentier Falls,” by Jim Overturf, Kurt Maxxon is awakened by two homeless boys who found the body of Carlos Guerrero while rummaging for food. Kurt believes the sheriff has the killer in custody until a letter from Carlos alerts Kurt to the possibility that his demise was nefarious. Kurt needs to solve the issues raised in Carlos’ letter, and figure out why the two boys were homeless, and find out the reason Carlos lost his life in the third book of the Kurt Maxxon Series, Carpentier Falls. Author Jim Overturf includes dogs, kids, hobbies, history and social issues in his novels for a fascinating and satisfying read. You can find Carpentier Falls at and Barnes and

  40. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to Linda for this great idea!

    Here is the blurb from Isabella's Dilemma, now available from Sugar and Sprice Press (

    Isabella Sheridan has a big problem and his name is Jake McAllister! Jake is now Isabella’s business partner. To make matters worse he owns more of the Sheridan Advertising Agency than she does. He is difficult to work with, has a hostile attitude toward her and makes business decisions without consulting her. So why does she respond with so much passion when he kisses her?

    Jake McAllister does not like Isabella Sheridan. As far as he’s concerned she’s shallow and without moral values, both in her personal and professional life. So why is he so attracted to her? You’d think he’d know better based on past experience. And why, after just one passionate kiss, is he ready to give her the benefit of the doubt and become involved?

    Will Jake and Isabella resolve their differences and find love or will past perceptions be too much to overcome?

    You can purchase Isabella's Dilemma with the link below.

    Isabella's Dilemma also received a 4 Cup review from Coffee Time Romance and More. You can read the review by clicking on the link below.

  41. Hollywood Ending by Lucie Simone

    Hollywood Ending is a romantic comedy about life in Hollywood for the not-so-rich-and-famous. Trina Stewart is desperate to find a proper Hollywood job and finally quit teaching ESL, but after ten years in Tinsel Town, things are looking grim. That is, until she sets her sights on sexy new neighbor, Matiu Wulf, a New Zealander of Maori origin who is only in Los Angeles to get some scene design experience to beef up his resume, and then he's headed back home to Auckland. He manages to thwart Trina's advances, but when she falls under the spell of toothy-grinned thespian, he's desperate to win back her heart. But when Hollywood gets in the way, these two soon discover that life in Tinsel Town isn't all red carpets, after parties and celebrity gossip. In fact, Hollywood can be a downright bitch!

    Available at Amazon:

    And at Barnes & Noble:


  42. Hi, Linda. Thank you for this opportunity!

    “The BLONDE SAMURAI” is the erotic Victorian story of an American heiress who flees an abusive British husband only to be captured by a rebellious samurai who teaches her the way of the warrior. Edith Wharton’s “The Buccaneers” meets “The Last Samurai.”
    Watch The Blonde Samurai Video Trailer Link to purchase my book The Blonde Samurai

    Jina Bacarr

    Jina's Website

  43. Oops! I added a character one too many for the video.

    Here is the correct link:

    The Blonde Samurai Video Trailer

  44. Sure, I'll play. Not loglines so much as blurbs. Full description and sample chapters available on Amazon.

    HONEYMOON FOR ONE - There are worse things in life than getting dumped at the altar—and being accused of killing your fake husband in a third world country where you can't speak the language is definitely one of them.


    ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED - An autographed push-up bra, a Tickle Me Elmo doll, and a lifetime’s worth of disastrous dates—how can you resist?


  45. Thanks so much.

    “A Case of Accidental Intersection”
    Mitch Malone hates hospitals, but when a suspicious traffic accident lands a comatose victim in the hospital, he must put that aside to find the truth. The surface looks smooth but the more the crime beat reporter looks the more bodies pop up, including a private detective and his own editor. Can he get to the truth before the surviving victim is murdered in her hospital bed and an elderly witness has a heart attack? Will he get his exclusive printed before he's the next victim?

  46. Thanks for the invitation.

    In my historical mystery, CIRCLE OF DISHONOR, Nessa Donnelly, a former Pinkerton operative tracks a homicidal secret society to Lexington, Kentucky and must help her friend, infamous courtesan, Belle Brezing avoid being hanged for murder.



  47. Children of Salem ebook/Kindle Store @2.99 by Robert W. Walker

    When Jere Wakely returns to Salem Village, MA., it is as an ecumenical spy in the church where his one true love prays, a church with a real life curse upon it. Romance and intrigue abound amid the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

  48. To see a book trailer for Titanic 2012, readers can enjoy the images and haunting music at my facebook site (where we have fun) at!/RobtWalker

    And thank you, Linda, for this Public Service Message (lol) -- Rob Walker

  49. Eleanor Bennett has an idyllic life. Married to a handsome and successful lawyer, she spends her days writing novels in their beautiful Victorian home, nestled onto a picturesque piece of property in the country.

    But what no one knows, not even her husband Michael, is that Eleanor hides a dark secret, one she vowed to take to her grave. Unfortunately, for Eleanor, some secrets refuse to remain hidden forever.

    To by this fast-paced page turner:

    Thank you Linda for this wonderful promo opportunity.

  50. Night Surfing is an adult fairytale, told in a magical realism style, of a girl in search of that perfect-love-forever thing who in the process finds
    faith in herself...

    I hope to finish this novel in this year's NaNoWriMo contest To read the blurb for Night Surfing and to see more about other book(s) I've got out, go to my website: www.rp-author/MKE

    I ditto the above. Thanks Linda for this wonderful promo opportunity!

  51. A manic depressive hypochondriac gets a positive on her pee stick...

    The True Confesssions Of a Slightly Neurotic New Mother.

    Coming soon

  52. Hi Linda, this is great! Here's mine:

    An indecent proposal leads to a short term arrangement.

    That's the logline I just came up with for my November 12th release, The Arrangement. It's a sensual romance about a Brazilian millionaire whose estranged wife asks him for a business loan to help her brother. He tells her he'll give her the money, but only if she resumes her role as his wife for two months.