Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here a Post, There a Post...

Over the last few days it seems as if I've done an awful lot of posting! I was invited to take part in the LASR Valentine's Day party as well as being interviewed by Deanna Jewel over at her blog. They were both a lot of work...but great fun as well. If you missed the posts and would like to catch any of them, I'll put the post titles and links below. A couple of them have excerpts from Arms of an Angel, one has an excerpt from my up and coming A Marriage of Necessity (a very short excerpt but one of my most favorites), and of course the interview goes in depth into a bit more about me and my writing. I hope you'll take some time to enjoy a couple of them. And, while you're at it, drop down and read my Valentine's Gift ~ a short story titled The Lucky Ones. This is its first time in print!

Interview by Deanna Jewel ~ Yep, it's all about ME!!!

Tears Can Touch The Heart ~ contains excerpt from A Marriage of Necessity

Pants or No Pants ~ You've got to read this one if for no other reason than to see Mr. Yummy! (it's actually a post about inspiration, believe it or not.)

Falling in Love with a Cover ~ chit chat about the publishing process

Are All First Kisses Sparks and Fireworks? ~ let's talk about kisses (and share Claire and Garrett's first kiss from Arms of an Angel)

Love Can Be So Playful ~ a really fun, playful excerpt from Arms of an Angel

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