Friday, April 8, 2011

What A Great Day!

I love that I can say "it's a great day!" even though the air conditioner went out in my vehicle as we're nearing 90 humid degrees in Oklahoma and I've got way more on my to do list than I could possibly get done. But, you know what? I can say it and I am! I'm working on a new story and it's coming together nicely. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be finishing the edits on A Marriage of Necessity but, for some reason, I keep pushing that one back. It's a super special story and maybe, just maybe, it's not its time yet! Not sure, but I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, the new story is currently called The Forget Me Not Spot and I'm pretty excited about it. It popped into my head one day when I was emailing back and forth with my friend, award-winning author Andrew E. Kaufman (do you love how I ALWAYS get that award-winning and that we're friends in there? I'm hopeful his success will somehow rub off!). We were discussing plants he could use to landscape the yard of his new home (complete with acreage, horses, and a pool in sunny southern California, no less), when the idea just blossomed (sorry!). I ran it by a couple of other friends and then began to let it bloom (go ahead, roll your eyes). There will be a blog attached to this one that is specifically related to the book: This would be a great time to start following! I just revealed my images of the main characters, Gabriel Saunders (yummy) and Felicity Anderson (sweet) on my FaceBook page and will probably share them on the blog very, very soon.

So, circling back to Andrew E. Kaufman ... you didn't know we were going to do that, did you?! Well, we are so that I can tell you I've got a copy of his bestselling While The Savage Sleeps and we're giving it away on the TreasureLineBooks Blog. Yes!!! Giveaways of Drew's books are rather rare so you'd do well to take advantage of the moment :) It's a great book, if I might say so myself. Though you might want to consider reading it while your sweetheart is nearby. The only catch ... the giveaway is TODAY ONLY so you need to get over there and comment.

What? Okay, okay. I'll be quiet so you can go. Go. Go already!!!


  1. You make me laugh, Linda! I love how you bound together the romance and communicating with Drew.
    Gotta love how the seeds of an idea start sprouting!

  2. Linda, I don't know how you do it. You just keep going and going and doing for others. I already have Drew's book from Amazon kindle. And what I've read so far is like watching a mystery movie. It's really great. All I need is time to get back to it. I will, for sure.

  3. What a cool idea! A book and a garden blog that go together! Genius! I hope it blooms and flourishes and grows! Massive eye roll!! :-) Oh and I commented on your giveaway site about how much I would love for to pick ME to win!! But I thought I would mention it here as well just for good measure! If I don't win I am jolly well going to have to read the ebook. Everyone is always raving about this book and how scary it is. So. Send me the free book. Please.

  4. And congrats on your great new book/blog idea! And congrats to Drew on all your success! I am so excited for all the TL peeps who are doing so well!! Hooray for everything!

  5. Huh? I thought I heard someone say my name while surfing out here in cyberspace. Decided to drop by and see who it was. Congratulating you on your visit from the muse, Linda. Do me a favor and send her my way when she's finished there, would you? I could use her help ;)

  6. Congrats! You've just been awarded the Stylish Blogger award!

    Love your blog, Linda!