Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have a secret...

I'm sharing a bit more about Gabe Saunders, the main male character of The Forget Me Not Spot, over on that book's blog - but I have a secret about him... He has a cousin and that cousin just married the Ice Princess! That may not mean a whole lot to you at this point, but it's pretty exciting to me because it means another story idea is exploding on the pages of yet another notebook that will eventually get passed along to my wonderful transcriptionist (who also happens to be the best mom in the world).  Taking a note out of the playbook of the amazing Jaimey Grant, Ice Princess will also weave in characters from The Escort and, in a round about sort of way, maybe even Claire and Garrett from Arms of an Angel (think horse in need of a place to pasture).  I hope you'll take the time to get to know Gabe a bit more while Hayden continues to take form on the pages of my 1 subject, 70 sheets, College Ruled Spiral Notebook!


  1. Can't wait to have them both in my hot little hands, Linda! :)

  2. Linda, sounds juicy! :*

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!