Monday, September 26, 2011

It would be a shame to let this one pass by...

My story for this week's challenge is up over at Clever Fiction. The prompt was/is Rain, A Sail Boat, & Shame. My submission: Secret Shame. Here's a sample: 

I watched the boats drifting across the bay, jealous of their freedom, knowing it should have been mine as I began my senior year. They hoisted their sails to take advantage of the gentle breeze.

Advantage. That’s what some would have said he’d taken of me. As for me, I wasn’t sure. The guilt tried to squeeze in again. I chased it away. Was he to blame? Was I? I didn’t know. Either way, I refused to feel shame. No. I hadn’t known. Hadn’t known anything other than the way he made me feel.

My flesh tingled with the memory of his touch. His trembling hands on my arms after he’d removed my wet shirt. The tickling sensations of his fingertips gliding up and across my back to move my hair away. The sweet softness of his lips against my neck, nibbling their way toward my ear where the sound of my name came to me on a breath, a whisper.

A gust of wind rushed around me, cooling skin that burned, yearned for him, even now when I knew it could never be.

Want to find out why it could never be? Jump on over to Clever Fiction. I'd love to have your feedback.
Secret Shame by Linda Boulanger at Clever Fiction~Short Stories for the Real World

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