Sunday, September 25, 2011

Up For The Challenge

I've been away too long! It was a difficult summer but, at last, I've started writing again. I've accepted the challenge and submitted my first story over at the Clever Fiction weekly challenge.  The prompt was A Key, Noon, & Falling Leaves. My offering was called The Key To Happiness. Here are the first couple of paragraphs to whet your appetite. To read the rest, jump over to the all new Clever Fiction site and feel free to leave me a comment as well as take some time to enjoy the other submissions. Hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as it appears we enjoyed writing them. Here's my excerpt...

That did it! They’d done it again with their laughter and hugs. It had zipped the spring right out of my step … again. I was sick of it!

He smiled at me and looked away as I walked by. She said hi, her eyes filled with playfulness. She’d been teasing him about something. I nodded, thinking I’d be all happy camperfied too if I had a guy like that. I sighed and turned up the walkway to my place. I was glad our units weren’t side-by-side so I didn’t have to share a stoop with them or listen to their happiness through the walls.

Huh. I hadn’t noticed the railing was loose. I’d have to report that to the landlord … which meant a call to my dad.

Read the rest at Clever Fiction ~ Short Stories for the Real World

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I was surfing blog hop links today and found yours. I really enjoyed your excerpt! I'll have to check out the story.