Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Shameful Mistake

I have another new short. Yes, another one. It is a WEEKLY challenge so, unless I am unable to get to it, you can expect a new short each week. This one goes along with my earlier story titled Secret Shame and you may also expect additional writings about the as yet unnamed young woman in that story. This week she has her baby but the post is very much NOT about having the baby and much more about relationships and inner thoughts. Here are a few paragraphs and a link to where you may find the rest of the story:

I named her Faith knowing that’s what I needed. Faith.

Giggling in my delirium as my doctor had coaxed me to push, I’d realized I was about to have Faith. Most people wouldn’t have found that funny, I know. The lady the hospital provided to coach me certainly hadn’t. She was perplexed by my laughter. I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy.

Still, the words of that old George Michael song my Aunt Betsy used to sing had taken over my head. It was her favorite back when she lived with us. I wish I could have remembered more. More of the song that is. I remembered plenty about Aunt Betsy when she stayed after her divorce. I used to pretend I was her, living her carefree life, always surrounded by friends, yet never too busy to stop and have a pretend pot of tea or a Barbie style show. That was the only time in my life I didn’t feel alone.

“You’ll spoil her, Bee,” my mother would tell her. Betsy would roll her eyes and stick out her tongue or, worse, make an obscene gesture with her hand. That one especially used to make my mother huff away commenting on how ungrateful her younger sister was.

But I loved my Bee. I was proud of her success after she got on her feet and left my parents’ house. She was her own woman, not needing anyone or anything. That’s what she said. Mother used to say she would have been nowhere had they not taken her in. I rolled my eyes. Mother always took credit for the success of others … and distanced herself from their failures. Wasn’t that evident by the fact that my parents were on their third trip since the beginning of this whole shameful mess?

Like mother – like daughter. I shrugged. It’s not like they would have been much support anyway, though under the circumstances, you’d have thought they’d be more understanding. Not them.

Oh, dear God. More tears! I began to hum that song again. I could only remember a little. Oh you gotta have faith, faith, faith. You just gotta have faith…

To read the rest of No Shameful Mistake, please visit my writer's page at Clever Fiction (click HERE).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cover Qualms

I'm having trouble with the man. Well, the man on my cover anyway. If you read the post below, you know my short To Dance with the Enemy is morphing into a Novel or at least a Novella. The working title for that is Marked, although I so love the way To Sleep with the Enemy looks in print. Anyway ... the main male character has very dark blonde hair, longish, and intense amber eyes. He's a fantasy warrior so he also has to be buff :-)  I'm trying to find him. See what you think of these guys...


Here is the original as well as the other To Dance with the Enemy cover:

What do you think????
(Click on covers for enlarged pics)

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Challenging Challenge

This week's challenge over at Clever Fiction~short stories for the real world proved to be exactly that for me -- a challenge! I wrote one story but it ended up too long. I felt I would lose too much by cutting it down. Maybe I'll have to share it here in the near future. Then I considered a sequel to my Secret Shame, but I'm just not quite ready for that one again. That story really moved me for some reason. Her struggles and emotions were so very real to me. I love all my characters but it doesn't happen that often that one gets so completely under my skin. I'm pretty sure we'll be revisiting that story again in the near future.

The prompt for the week was All Day/Speechless/Dinner and my submission was titled Destiny's Visit. It's another departure from my straightforward Happy Ever Afters, although, as one commenter mentioned, "Imagine meeting either your love or your killer ... and the choice is yours." Seems to me, this story could go either way!

Enjoy the first couple of paragraphs and then jump over to Clever Fiction to read the rest:

Arms folded, elbows resting on the lacquered top of the wood bar, Jake watched the woman in the corner. He was perplexed. She didn’t seem the type to spend her day in a pub. Yet that’s what she’d done. She’d been there all day.

He was also perplexed by his attraction to her. She wasn’t young and she wasn’t pretty. Although … He looked her over and decided she certainly might have been. Pretty, that is. Of course she’d been young. Everyone’s young at some point in their lives.

She smiled at him and his heartbeat tripled its speed behind the wall of his chest. Odd again since Jake Donovan liked younger women. Much younger.

So why did he take off his apron and tell Maria to watch the bar while he took a break? Why did his feet walk him over to the table where the older woman sat? What made him ask her if she minded if he joined her? Simple curiosity? Perhaps. He didn’t have the answers. He only knew it was something he had to do.

Enjoy the rest of Destiny's Visit over at Clever Fiction~short stories for the real world.