Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Forgot

I forgot.

I forgot that loving you is a bad idea for me. I forgot that when you touch me, it’s as if a fog rolls in, enshrouding us in a curtain that blocks the rest of the world from my thoughts, my memory. I forgot that when you take my hands in yours, slowly bringing them to your lips to press sweet kisses on my fingertips that all regret begins to quickly fade away. I see only you, my secret visitor, with your brown eyes dancing over me. You look at me and I know exactly what you want … because it’s the same thing I want.

There’s urgency within me that you never seem to show. I can’t wait. I want to feel you, see you, inhale your scent as I lay next to you, my head resting against your bare chest, both of us sated, the longing quenched. But you always take your time. Teasing. Torturing. The corners of your mouth turned upward. You’re in control. Making me wait. Making me crazy. How can you exhibit such restraint when I want to …

This is the beginning of my new super short, emotion-packed piece over at Clever Fiction~Short Stories for the Real World. If you'd like to read the rest, click HERE, jump on over, and enjoy!

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