Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reunions are made for...

My friend Chris Janzen and I were talking about reunions and it reminded me of a story I started once upon a time about a couple of old friend with unexplored feelings remaining between them. I shared a kiss here on the blog between them that I'll share it again. It makes me smile:

David and Elizabeth from Everything Old Is New Again:

“I can’t do this,” she whispered. He stood behind her. She could feel his body pressing ever closer to hers. His hands, those same hands that had pulled her close, helped to warm her on the bus with the broken window, now caressed her upper arms. Only now they weren't the hands of a young schoolboy. They were hands of experience, hands that knew…

His fingers tracked across her back, enticing as they moved up to pull the hair away from her neck. She closed her eyes as he kissed her bare shoulder, cursing herself for having chosen this dress for the night’s event. It had been chosen for a purpose, this purpose. His lips, so warm, traced a sensual line up to her slender neck where his tongue drew tantalizing circles along her jaw line.

“Oh please, David.” Her voice was breathless, testifying to the war that raged within. His other hand slipped down, curving around her waist to quickly turn her to face him.

“Yes you can,” he said as their eyes locked. She blinked slowly, intoxicated by the moment. Had she truly thought that if she fanned the embers of those long-suppressed flames, they would not engulf her? She moistened her lips, her eyes trailed down to his; full, sensual lips slightly smiling, waiting, knowing. She smiled as she looked back at his eyes that danced with a mixture of mischief and desire. How many years she had waited for this moment; wondered, dreamed.

“You want to. It’s why you came,” he said as his head began to lower toward hers.

As if on cue, her cell phone rang. She looked toward it. The photo of her smiling children stared back from the phone’s face. She laughed, moving away from him.

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