Saturday, August 25, 2012

UnderCOVER Operation

One of my all time favorite covert operations isn't exactly hidden. It's something I love to do that you can't see until I'm done. Are you finding yourself asking what in the world is she talking about? :-) Book Covers! While the majority of what goes into each cover is done behind the scenes, the finished products are definitely front and center.

Book covers are a vital part of selling a potential reader on the idea of picking up your book. When talking to readers as well as doing a little internet surfing, three items continuously topped the lists for helping a reader choose a book: Cover, Recommendation, and Author. If you've been in the Kindle stores lately you know just how many books they have in there. It's overwhelming, to say the least. As an author, what can you do to make your book(s) stand out? Well, what's the first thing about your book that anyone is going to see? Right! Your book's cover. So, if you give your book a fantastic cover, you're giving your baby a first step to a fighting chance.

And that's where designers, like me, come in. There are some fantastic designers out there and I am in absolute awe of so many of the covers I see. They're simply amazing.

If you're interested in seeing some of my cover designs please take a moment to visit my personal design site over at Tell~Tale Book Covers & Interior Layouts. If we end up working together on a design for your book and you let me know you've jumped over from this blog post I'll take off 10% on one book cover or package deal (includes everything from the extremely affordable pre-made covers to The Works package that covers everything!).