Thursday, September 13, 2012

That's What I LOVE!

(Download Coupon at the end along with story links)

I recently set about updating my author website and had to practically redo the Works In Progress section. The book I had listed as Next in Line for Publishing ended up moving down 2 notches. Does that mean that will not be the next book? Not necessarily. What it does mean is I finally realized something about myself that the rest of the world probably already knows: I'm an inspired writer - my preference is to write about particular characters when they are knocking on the door of my imagination, whispering in my ear for me to help them live for the enjoyment of others instead of just for myself. That's when their stories flow and I love what I've written. Those are the times when it feels as if someone else is writing and I'm just the tool. THAT'S WHAT I LOVE!

And that's why I started my own publishing company. When Terry and Mark from A Marriage of Necessity (which may or may not be getting another cover change along with a Title change) wanted to take a rest while Tahruk and Elenya from Dance With The Enemy took center stage, I was able to let them do that. And I wrote two new short stories that I've been able to work into chapters of the book: Dance With The Enemy. That book, in fact, started as a short story that reader request prompted me to continue. It now sits at just over 20,000 words. I recently published the short on both Amazon and Smashwords and in a minute I will give you the opportunity to download it free (until Oct. 13, 2012) from Smashwords.

But first, if you'd like to read the two shorts that preclude The Chase, you may find them here:

1) The Stars Still Shine (Meet Elenya)
2) To Be Sure (Meet Tahruk)

Then feel free to download the ebook short story Dance With The Enemy~The Chase in the format of your choice from Smashwords using the following coupon code at checkout: FX25N

Here's the link to get over there: Enemy Story on Smashwords