Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ten Dollar Words lead to Healing Words

I received a series of texts from a writer friend of mine a short while back that contained what my family calls "Ten Dollar Words" -- you know, those big words that we all pretend to know and then quickly look up on Google. Except for my writer friend. He's an awesome bestselling author who writes thrillers that are deep and make your brain work if you want it to. I'm guessing Ten Dollar Words are a common part of his vocabulary although I would definitely recommend his books to ANYONE, whether you're into ten dollar words or not. Be warned, though, you'll be hooked from the get go.

Anyway, back to the words ... The texts came in just about the time I was to come up with a Clever Fiction Writing Challenge so I decided to use them for the prompt. And much to my relief, managed to squeeze in a story of my own. Whew!

Thanks, Andrew E. Kaufman for your Ten Dollar Words that inspired my Healing Words. Take a look and enjoy!

Read these awesome books by Andrew E. Kaufman.
You'll find the links on his website by clicking HERE!

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