Thursday, May 9, 2013

Impending Release for "Dance With The Enemy" -- the novel!


We've made some lists and are checking them twice... Now we're making it official: The Release Party for "Dance With The Enemy" will be held by Lady Amber on FaceBook -- Here:

The Blurb:
She was marked with his blood. She belonged to him! And yet she’d dared to run, leading him on a chase through the dark forest. Had she honestly thought she could escape an elite warrior from the King’s own bloodline? It mattered little to him that she believed their match a mistake and wanted to get to the Masters to confirm her suspicions.

Fear propelled Elenya through the brush, the branches and twigs tearing at her dress and delicate flesh. Still, she moved, refusing to believe fate such an evil taskmaster as to pair her with those who had sent her family into exile all those years ago. If there was no mistake, honor would bind her to him. She would pay for the sins of her ancestors, bound forever, forced to dance for a lifetime in the arms of her enemy.

Hope you'll join us for a day of fun. There will be giveaways: books, bookmarks, jewelry pieces, and other swag :-) We're planning a great day!!!

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