Saturday, September 14, 2013

Join me at the 2nd annual INTO THE BOOK festival

Today, Sept. 14, I'll be joining other local authors at the second annual Festival of Books for Readers and Writers in my hometown of Bartlesville, OK (located North of Tulsa). I'm looking forward to a day of great company, making new acquaintances and chatting with old friends, as well as enjoying some yummy food from Bambino's and buying a few signed books to add to my shelf.

I'll be offering my new release, Dance with the Enemy, at a special price; along with copies of my novella, Arms of an Angel; the color illustrated, How Sadie Learned to S.M.I.L.E. (with wrist bands!); and two anthologies of short stories: Echoed Heartbeats and Becoming. Whispered Beginnings, which includes stories from several local authors, will be available from author Jennifer McMurrain....who will also be offering a GREAT new release, Winter Song, as well as her bestseller, Quail Crossings
If you plan to be around, please be sure to run down and see us at 101 S.E. Frank Phillips. It's sure to be a memorable day, and I'm excited to meet all the local authors and readers! Grab some books and then head over to enjoy the always awesome Indian Summer Festival at the Community Center.

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