Friday, January 31, 2014

My Book Garden

I have a new garden ... it's a book garden! where I'll share cover reveals, chat with authors about their books, host giveaways and interviews, offer freebies now and then, and more.

If you're interested in joining me on the journey,
you'll find my book garden at:

Enjoy a tidbit on Shawn Inmon's new mini-novella release,
Check out the awesome cover for Julia Mill's second book in her
And prepare to join me for a week long celebration between
my birthday (Feb. 8) and Valentine's Day (Feb. 14)
when I'll be offering some wonderfully romantic reads and prizes.
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excerpts and Changes

As work has progressed on Book 2 of The Men of Riandus, I've made some decisions about title changes and have decided to share an excerpt from Book 2 and Book 3. Oh! That "The Men of Riandus" ... that's new too and came about with the decision to drop "Dance" from the two Books that follow Dance with the Enemy. Book 2 will be Beyond the Shadows with Book 3 dropped back to Temptation's Whisper ... I've just finished the excerpts from those 2 books and have posted them on my website, which I'll link to below. Sigh! I love these characters! 

If you read Dance with the Enemy, you might remember that Riandus is the Country where they live (though it's only mentioned in a forward where Elenya's Drille is exiled, I believe). Within that Country, there are several Kingdoms, and within the kingdoms are Drilles. It makes sense in the book :-)

Click HERE to enjoy the first 3 Chapters
Beyond the Shadows
(the link will redirect you to my website)

Click HERE to enjoy the first 3 Chapters
Temptation's Whisper
(the link will redirect you to my website)

I have to say, though I may be a bit biased because of my love for these characters, but I honestly believe Beyond the Shadows is gearing up to be a better story than Dance with the Enemy. And I honestly believe Chapter 1 of Temptation's Whisper is probably the best piece I have ever written. I'm so anxious to reach The End on both of these stories so I can share them with you. Thanks to each of you for enjoying this ride with me.