Friday, November 6, 2015

Party Time!!!! Release Day Party for Beyond the Shadows...

November 10, 2015 is the official release date for Beyond the Shadows and there's going to be an awesome party hosted by Totally Talented Productions with lots of swag, goodies, and fun interaction. Kelli Smith is hosting and she throws a marvelous party. So, please consider this your personal invite to join Kelli and I to celebrate this dream of mine. The party will start at 7pm EST (I have to remember to be there at 6pm!!!). There are already a couple of giveaways underway, so be sure to click on the link below and join in the fun!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Enter the Land of Riandus for a chance to win...

Jump into the Land of Riandus—a make believe land governed by some strange rules, and a yearly moon that triggers events and makes things happen. It’s a magical land with handsome warriors, beautiful women, kings and castles—all providing the backdrop for heartwarming, heat-provoking love stories.

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What happens when your oldest brother's best friend finally notices you're not a little girl anymore? LOVE, that's what!  Makinna's Secret...

Beyond the Shadows
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Release Date Set -- Beyond the Shadows

I am pleased to announce that Beyond the Shadows, the stand alone Book 2 in the Land of Riandus Series, will be released on NOVEMBER 10, 2015! This book has been a while in the making, though the characters, and those who fell in love with these characters in Book 1, Dance With the Enemy, would not let me rest until it was finished. The release party will be hosted by the ever talented Kelli Smith of Totally Talented Productions, and will include many giveaways and guaranteed fun. Hope you'll SAVE THE DATE and join us.

This is the story of Redahn, the brother of Tahruk from Dance With the Enemy

In a time when men fought for their king, protected him and their families with might and sword, Redahn Sharanis questions his self-worth after losing strength in his arm due to a battle injury and botched surgery. He grows hard, maintaining a facade of bitterness and cynicism that only begins to chip away after he meets a woman at the annual gathering of the maidens who is smothered by her own shadows.

Eighteen year old Mahryn's innocence is tarnished by the baggage of her past and now she's been thrown into the pool of beautiful maidens, whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure to the King's warriors. Knowing she was sent by her father when he could have made a good match for her opens a floodgate of questionable memories from her past. And if that wasn't enough, she manages to attract the attention of a man fighting his own battles-- a warrior who had been second only to his older brother, the King's finest, before he was wounded. 

But there's more to both of them. Lord Redahn is fiercely loyal and bound by his own code of honor... traits that Mahryn's presence brings out. She's stronger than any woman Redahn has ever known, which comes to light when her true past is exposed. Together they begin to help one another fit the puzzle pieces of their lives back into their right places, though the picture that results isn't something everyone wants to see.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Come and Dance With The Enemy one more time!

I am pleased to announce that the Dance With The Enemy kindle version has been revamped inside and out with a slightly changed cover and a bit of additional editing. The story remains the same, though the writing is more concise. If you have already purchased this story, please note that I have requested an update for you from Amazon, though it's at their discretion as to whether they will provide the update.

More good news... Beyond The Shadows, the story of the rather rebellious brother from Dance With The Enemy is fully written. I'm on my third pass through before I send it off to my beta readers. Everyone who writes to me after reading Enemy tells me they can't wait for Redahn's story. There's a bit of Tahruk and Elenya in the new book as well, however, the story is definitely about Redahn and Mahryn. It's been rather fun writing him meeting his match.

My website address has also changed due to an unfortunate debacle, though I rather like the new name. It fits: I hope to share some of my cover design information there as well, so I find that more encompassing.

Arms of an Angel is being re-released with a new cover and revamped interior as well, so be on the lookout for that. And FINALLY, Marriage of Necessity is well under way to finalization (basically, it's getting tweaked), and not only is Temptation's Whisper partially written (the 3rd book in the Land of Riandus Series -- about Tahruk and Redahn's cousin, King Garrick, and the lovely Christiana), but I have several more in various stages. I may finally be getting the hang of this writing stuff!

I'll leave you today with a couple of teasers from Dance With The Enemy and Beyond The Shadows. Enjoy!

I can't believe I almost forgot... I have a new Street Team,
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